Radioddity x Baofeng RD-5R DMR

TDMA-Based Dual Mode: VHF 136-174MHz/ UHF400-470MHz. RD-5R has two bands 2m and 70cm. True dual time slot DMR, Tier I & II, compatible with Motorola and other DMR. 
Multi-Function: Scan under analog and digital mode, manual programming, VFO mode, digital monitor mode, FM Radio, 1024 Channels CTCSS and CDCSS. Besides, RD-5R has an additional A/B, VFO/MR and BAND keys. Easy to operate.
The Classic 5R Series: Sticked with classic design of 5R series, RD-5R fits into your pocket and shares all accessories with other Baofeng radios except the programming cable.
Continuous Upgrade on CPS & Firmware: CPS supports mass editing on channels and contact ID, importing and exporting them with CSV, to make it easier for codeplugs writing. You can get upgraded version of CPS from Radioddity.

Brief Introduction:
Baofeng RD-5R is a cooperation model and “RD” represents Radioddity, who is the only distributor to honor the manufacturer warranty. RD-5R continues the classic functions of UV-5R’s FM radio and VFO mode. Besides, it is decided to meet all your needs when using or learning DMR with the most cost-effective price. Now for the person who wants everything in one small neat package and just entering into DMR this is it!

Supports Digital & Analogue Mode:
As a radio operating under DMR system, Radioddity x Baofeng RD-5R is perfectly compatible with both digital and analogue mode. It can smoothly turn from one into the other. Radioddity X BAOFENG RD-5R can communicate with Motorola DMR Radios, it can also support DMR repeater function: both DMR Tier I and Tier II.

Power: 1W/5W
Analog & Digital DMR Tier I & II
Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh, 7.4V 13.3W/hs
Black-and-white LCD screen with high definition
Contact ID: 256
RX Group: 64, each group has 16 contact ID
Zone: 250, each zone has 16 channels
Channel: 1024
Scan list: 250, each scan list has 32 channels

1. Text receiving and sending with at most 64 characters.
2. Manual programming: Support VFO Mode
3. Frequency editing under Channel mode
4. Digital Monitor Mode: support communication when frequency, time clot and color code is paired, regardless of Contact ID, RX Group list
5. Customize shortcut keys: including long-press and short-press with Side Keys. Edit shortcut keys with Programming Software.
6. FM Radio
7. LED Flashlight
8. Support analog repeaters and digital ones
9. Driver-free programming cable, plug and play
10. With SMA-Male antenna base, compatible with all SMA-Female antennas
11. Dual-standby and dual display
12. The radio has the ability to operate on GMRS, FRS and listen in on public safety. (Not in all areas)

Package Content:
1 x RD-5R DMR
1 x Dual Band High Gain Antenna
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Desktop Charger
1 x Battery
1 x Manual
1 x Free Earphone
1 x Free Programming Cable (Driver Free)




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