Announcing the AMP-25 Series

We are excited to introduce our brand-new AMP-25 amplifiers!

The AMP-25 series do more than just amplify a signal, they also purify your signal as it passes through! We are also thrilled to present a whole new way to connect with amplifiers, allowing you to use a handheld mic and built-in speaker – just as if it were a mobile or base radio (but at a significantly lower cost).

An intelligent handheld radio companion:
A new and easy way to get the most from your radio, this is not your grandpa’s amplifier.
Output of 20-40W (from 2-6W input).
Works with most FM analog and digital modes (even including DMR!)
Transmit a cleaner output signal produced by your handheld radio.
Multiple ways to connect and use your handheld from a vehicle (or field) environment – without programming a duplicate radio.

What is it?The BTECH AMP-V25 amplifier is a portable, lightweight, wide coverage RF power amplifier for handheld radio equipment and is equally capable of amplifying both analog and digital signals.

Pair with the UT-72 Antenna for easy installation to your vehicle, or connect to another VHF base, mobile, or field antenna.

Supported Amplification Modes :The AMP-V25 operates from 136-174 MHz and can be used for analog FM, P25 Phase 1, C4FM (System Fusion), NXDN, IDAS, dPMR, and MPT1327 modes.

The AMP-V25 supports out-of-band transmitting, while the amplifier is turned off, allowing you to quickly transmit on a UHF signal without disconnecting your radio – but simply turning it off. When transmitting out-of-band the amplifier will pass-through the signal without amplification.

Built In Loud-Speaker :When you connect your handheld radio with the radio control cable; the amplifier will use it’s own loud 4W built-in speaker to broadcast the incoming audio.






Digital Modes

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