3Y0I Bouvet DXpedition Invites 3Y0Z Team to Join Forces

The 3Y0I Bouvet Island DXpedition team this week publicly invited the members of the ill-fated 3Y0Z team to join forces as part of “rebooted preparations” for the venture, but 3Y0Z team co-leader Bob Allphin, K4UEE, told ARRL that his group has other plans. Dates for the 3Y0I DXpedition, meanwhile, remain up in the air at this point, but the team said it would announce its expected dates of operation soon.

“Our preparations…are taking place in extraordinary times and under unusual conditions,” the 3Y0I team said on its website over the weekend, noting that it had suspended its initial plans to activate Bouvet Island late last year at the request of the 3Y0Z DXpedition, which subsequently was forced to abort its landing and head home.

In its announcement, the 3Y0I team, headed by Dom Grzyb, 3Z9DX, said a joint DXpedition would give the 3Y0Z team members a chance to realize their initial plans and that the 3Y0I team’s “unprecedented decision” opens “new fantastic opportunities.” Preparations for the 3Y0I DXpedition continue.

The 3Y0I DXpedition team also announced that it has contracted for a larger transportation vessel “at really bargain rates,” which would permit more passengers. “The vessel’s crew is experienced in troop landing at Bouvet and other subantarctic islands.” The 3Y0I announcement said. “Our cruise plan doesn’t change; we’ll depart from and sail back to Cape Town, which will reduce time and cost involved to possible minimums.”

“The landing procedure will be supervised by landing troops and will utilize special boats that will allow the team to transport our gear, and to land at the island safely,” the announcement explained.

The 3Y0Z DXpedition team had planned to transport personnel and equipment between its vessel, Betanzos, and the island via helicopter. High winds and rough seas, as well as problems with one engine, prompted the Betanzos’ captain to abort any attempted landings and head back.

Bouvet Island, a dependency of Norway, is currently the second most-wanted DXCC entity. — Thanks to OPDX and the The Daily DX for some information






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