Giving old technology a new life in the modern world


BY Andrew Schmertz

You may think ham radio is part of the same bygone era of telegraphs, fax machines, and scenes from the Netflix show, “Stranger Things,” but students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology are giving the century-old technology a new voice in this social media world…..READ MORE


Baofeng UV-3R+ (Camo)

Baofeng UV-3R+ (Camo)

Description: UV-3R+ series two-way radios are the updated styles based on UV-3R by BAO FENG, it has multi-functions, such as dual band, dual display,… Read more





  The brand new SunSDR2 PRO transceiver is a modern SDR transceiver developed with contesting and DXing in mind. It covers all HF bands plus 50 M… Read more


GB 10elm 144MHz Quad

GB 10elm 144MHz Quad

GB 10elm 144MHz Quad Details GB 10elm 144MHz Quad for Horizontal or Vertical mounting Turning:2,20m ( 7ft) Boom:3,80m (12ft) Aluminium ( 2 parts) Wire… Read more

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