A Sunspot Fizzles While Storms Head to Earth: Solar Storm Forecast: 03-08-2018

“The Sun’s activity both fizzles and picks up this week. Old region 2699 that we had high hopes would boost the solar flux as it rotated into earth view has fizzled. This means amateur radio and emergency communicators will continue to suffer from poor radio propagation this week. But the Sun counters by launching several solar storms, one that is Earth directed. Along with the remnants of a coronal hole sending us some sporadic fast wind, we should expect a mild disturbance from this activity to last several days. Aurora is easily possible down to high latitudes and we might even get some short-lived shows at mid-latitudes as well. learn the details of the coming solar storm, what happened to the old active region 2699, and what else the Sun has in store.”





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