DX Operators Establishing New Logbook of The World Accounts May E-Mail Documentation

Amateur Radio operators from outside the US who are requesting an initial call sign certificate to establish a new Logbook of The World (LoTW) user account now may submit the required documentation via e-mail. Non-US radio amateurs must provide a copy of their Amateur Radio license or authorization, plus a copy of one other government-issued document showing the applicant’s name and address (sensitive information may be blacked out).

Document copies may be submitted to LoTW via e-mail. When ARRL receives your documentation, applicants will receive a reply message containing your LoTW account password, with your call sign certificate attached. ARRL does not retain any submitted documents, electronic or hard copy; these are destroyed after they have been reviewed.



Folding Hexbeam

Folding Hexbeam

    The design The folding Hexbeam is a 2-element directive antenna for five amateur bands (20/17/15/12/10m band, 6m band optional). It cons… Read more


Baofeng UV-3R+ (Camo)

Baofeng UV-3R+ (Camo)

Description: UV-3R+ series two-way radios are the updated styles based on UV-3R by BAO FENG, it has multi-functions, such as dual band, dual display,… Read more


CW decoder  CWD2014M

CW decoder CWD2014M

CW decoder  The kit has been developed in the meeting A1 Club’s CW enthusiast I was commercialized GR301A / er When the paddle and vertical swin… Read more

GHD Keys by JA7GHD

GHD Keys by JA7GHD

GHD Keys , made by Toshihiko Ujiie (JA7GHD) in Sendai City, are beautiful, practical, and innovative. The “D” models use optical sensors i… Read more


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