The Sun Celebrates Cinco de Mayo: Solar Storm Forecast 05-10-2018

“Space Weather begins to calm down this week as we move through the latter part of a fast solar wind stream. This fast wind brought us a moderate level solar storm early this week and aurora was seen as far south as Colorado. Catch up on aurora pictures, learn why amateur radio propagation is back in the marginal range, and what else our Sun has in store for us.”




LNR LD-5 Transceiver

LNR LD-5 Transceiver

      LNR LD-5 Transceiver Specifications: CW/SSB with VOX Control Speed-adjustable AGC in values 1 to 20  DSP Filtering Incl. (CW FROM 0 TO… Read more

App – Mobile

Wizkers:Radio APP

Wizkers:Radio APP

Wizkers:Radio is a controller for various Amateur Radio equipments. At the moment, it supports several Elecraft radios and amplifiers, as well as the… Read more

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