Raspberry Pi Powered HF Radio in an Ammo Can GoBox

“Hello Operators. Topic of the day is the Raspberry Pi 3B+, and how I’m using it for amateur field communications. During May 18-21, I spent some days near the Arctic Circle, trying to answer a few important questions. Some of those questions were: – Can the Raspberry Pi power a digital Field Station running wsjt-x and fldigi? – Can we fit an entire HF station in an ammo can? – It possible to carry that QRO station along with our hiking gear to the backcountry?

You must remember, we’re not talking about casual ham radio (although it very well could be). one of the goals is to find out how practical it truly is to deploy a QRO field station, based on the Yaesu ft-891, and Raspberry Pi 3B+. This trip certainly wasn’t easy, but it was easier than I thought it would be. The trip also validated the concept of a man portable, Rapud a Deployment, QRO Field Station from a utilitarian perspective. Finally, before some of you start ripping me a new one, if I’m going on a casual thru-hike, carrying all my gear for days or weeks at a time, I’m certainly not going to carry an ammo can based rig. Whatever rig I do carry, it will certainly be powered by Raspberry Pi. 73 Julian oh8stn”


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Aerial-51 SKY-SDR

Aerial-51 SKY-SDR

GENERAL TRANSCEIVER  SPECIFICATIONS Technology Solid State SDR-DSP Direct Conversion Frequencies / Bands 1.8 MHz to 54.0 MHz 160, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20,… Read more

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