WSJT-X Version 1.9.0-rc4

Changes from WSJT-X Version 1.9.0-rc3 include the following:

– Corrected a number of flaws in Fox and Hound behavior, FT8
DXpedition Mode

– Decoded CQ calls where a prefix has been used as a suffix should
have the DXCC entity name assigned correctly in almost all cases

– Improved AFC capability for the wider JT65 sub-modes to help with
drifting signals

– Better support for macOS using hi-DPI Retina displays

– New UDP message that allows external applications to highlight
decoded callsigns

– Main-screen geometry and state of the “splitter” setting between its
two text windows is now properly restored after program restart.

– New simulator jt49sim[.exe] replaces jt4sim and jt9sim

– Correct S/N measurements for the JT9 slow/wide submodes

– Other minor bug fixes

– Updated copy of cty.dat


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