Alaskan Arrow LEO Satellite Antenna – 4 Elements for 2 Meters crossed with 10 Elements for 70 cm

The Alaskan antenna is meant for those who live in the higher lattitudes and need a little more gain. For us mere mortals who live in the lower 48 of the US, the Alaskan is overkill. It is heavy and more cumbersome. Get the 146/437-10 flavor of your choosing. I get calls from customers who wish they had gotten the 146/437-10. A word to the wise. Bigger is not always better. 

“BP” Stands for Back Pack – Two-piece Boom – Split boom. 
The Arrow II line of Antennas has been engineered to provide maximum gain and efficiency in the smallest practical size & weight. 
Only About 25 oz. (split boom add 1 oz.) 
Aluminum Arrow Shafts are used for elements. 
The 2 in-line Gamma Matches (shown below) are pre-assembled & pre-tuned. One connector for VHF and one for UHF. Only female BNC is available. 
(Diplexer & Cables included with 10W Models only). 
The Boom is 3/4″ square (with rounded corners) and 53 3/4″ long. 
Model BP Split Boom longest part is less than 22 inches long. The boom is split in two places. 
Note the big black foam grip for comfortable holding. 
Under the foam grip, the boom is drilled & tapped with a 1/4-20 hole for most camera tri-pods. 
Boom & elements all have plastic tips for safety. 


Q. I have a Full Duplex, Dual Band Radio with a built in duplexer, why do I need another Duplexer ?

A. That is why, Your Radio only has one Connector, the Antenna has two. (1 for VHF & 1 for UHF)
The 10W Duplexer allows you to hear the down link while you are transmitting.
It also has the coax cables to connect your radio to the antenna.

Q. What is the maximum power that can be transmitted through the Arrow II Satellite Antenna?

A. Maximum power is 150 watts without the duplexer and 10 watts with the duplexer.

Q. What is the gain of this antenna?

A. Click here to read about gain.



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