K2EZ ROVER Hamvention 2018 Presentation

The Rover Vehicle:

A 2002 Ford Explorer
– A 6M quarter wave whip for 6M FM operation.
– A 2M 5/8 wave whip for 2M FM operation.
– A 1.25M quarter wave whip for 1.25M FM operation.
– A dual band 2M/70cm whip for 70cm FM operation
– A 6M LMN loop mounted on the rear mast at 12ft above ground for 6M SSB operation.
– A 2M/70cm LMN loop mounted facing front on the rear mast at 11 1/2ft above ground for 2M SSB operation.
– A 1.25M LMN loop mounted on the rear mast at 11ft above ground for 1.25M SSB operation.
– A 2M/70cm LMN loop mounted on the rear mast at 9 1/2ft above ground for 70cm SSB operation.

The Equipment:

Icom IC-900 with 6M, 2M, 1.25M and 70cm modules – full time monitoring of 446.0 FM.
Kenwood TM-3550 220 MHz moble – Full time monitoring of 223.50 FM.
Kenwood TM-2550 2M moble – Full time monitoring of 146.55 and 146.58 FM.
Yaesu FT-450D – Full time 6M SSB operation
Yaesu FT-736R with 6M and 1.25M modules – Divided operation between 2M SSB and 220 SSB.
Icom IC-7000 – Divided use between 6M FM and 70cm SSB.  Mostly monitored FM but at touch of button was ready for calling or sked on 70cm.




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