VERO China New Arrival: 40 Watts Dual Band Mobile Radio VR-6900 With Band Scope and APRS Display


Firmware upgrade remote
VR-6900 can update firmware remotely, fix some bugs when find it


Optional APRS
VR-6900 support the optional APRS and display the info on le TFT LCD display


Optional Bluetooth Speaker Micrphone
VR-6900 support connect the Bluetooth speaker microphone
Band Scope
VR-6900 support muitl band scope search
1: Frequency Mode Search
2, Band mode Search
3. Channel Mode Search
Wide Band Frequency

RX: 78-108Mhz   108-136MHz     136-174MHz
350-400MHz    400-480MHz   480-520 MHz

High Power Output
VR-6900 has adjustable power function
1, UHF : 40w (High) 25 W (Mid) 8W (Low)
2, VHF : 45w (High) 25 W (Mid) 8W (Low)
APRS Display (Optional)

RX: 78-108Mhz  108-136MHz     136-174MHz
350-400MHz     400-480MHz    480-520 MHz

Cross-Band /In-Band Repeater Connector
VR-6900 support connect a extra handheld radio to be a Cross-Band repeater or In-Band repeater.
Zone Function
VR-6900 support A B C D zone,each zone has 128 channesl.Total 512 channels
VR-6900 the body and the panel removable, it very easy to install in the car, The body is in the trunk of the car, and the panel is freely installed in the cab






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