A Pause in Storming : Solar Storm Forecast 06-14-2018

“Space Weather quiets down this week as the hoped for mini-solarstorm misses Earth to the south. Aurora photographers will need to wait a while longer before another coronal hole rotates into the Earth-strike zone and sends us a new chance for a solar storm. Amateur radio operators are smiling this week as a new region rotates into Earth view, boosting the solar flux back into marginal levels for radio propagation. This region will be joined by a second region next week that should boost solar flux even more, just in time for Field Day 2018. GPS users should also be enjoying good signals this week. However, glitches may increase at low latitudes next week once that second active region rotates into view. Learn the details of these new regions, what’s coming from the Sun’s backside, and see what else the Sun has in store!


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Wizkers:Radio APP

Wizkers:Radio APP

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