GroundBreaker – Isolate your audio to remove RFI and ground loop problems!

The bhi GroundBreaker audio unit isolates the grounds on your bhi DSP noise cancelling product or other ancillary equipment from those of the radio system, eliminating potential ground loops and RFI problems from your audio due to earth loop problems or a poorly matched antenna.

bhi GroundBreaker solution

So you’ve tried providing a better ground system, wrapping the audio leads round ferrite rings, clamping ferrite beads onto the cables, running your systems up on to different power supplies, checking the connections etc.   The bhi GroundBreaker is possibly the solution as this passive in-line audio product will totally isolate the grounds of bhi DSP noise cancelling product or other ancillary equipment you may be using from those of the radio system.

These small compact in-line audio connection units come in various impedances covering all the main values (10 k Ohm, 600 Ohm and 8 Ohm, mono and stereo connections) currently used in many audio systems.


The bhi GroundBreaker is easy to use and simply connects between your Receiver/transceiver and audio DSP/ancillary equipment using 3.5mm connections.  It should be noted that the unit works both ways round.  Try to keep the leads as short as possible to minimise the effect airborne RF pickup.

Balanced to Unbalanced audio systems

Most audio amplifiers used in radios are Class A or AB.  They normally have a single ended (unbalanced output that works against ground, however, recently some manufacturers have started using balanced audio amplifiers and Class D (switch mode) amplifiers.  These present a different problem as most audio ancillary products on the market (unless they are for professional audio) use unbalanced inputs.

The Ground breaker can be used to isolate the balanced audio output of the set and allow the ancillary unbalanced input to be unaffected.

Maximum Power Handling

The GroundBreaker, does have limits to its power handling.  The 600 Ohm and 10k Ohm devices are capable of handling the normal audio levels that can be found in most, if not all, audio systems.  The 8 Ohm device is only meant to be used at powers up to 0.5 Watts.  This is meant to allow interfacing to most bhi audio products and not meant for the transfer of power into un-powered speaker units.

Product Code Type Maximum power
GB8M 8 Ohm Mono 500mW
GB600M 600 Ohm Mono 100mW
GB10KM 10 k Ohm Mono 100mW
GB8S 8 Ohm Stereo 500mW/Channel
GB600S 600 Ohm Stereo 100mW/Channel
GB10KS 10 k Ohm Stereo 100mW/Channel

 Select the relevant GroundBreaker unit above to suit your connection type and impedance

Price:  £29.95


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