2 Days Off Grid – /P Ham Radio to Japan FT8 Random Wire Antenna

“Hello Operators In the previous videos from this excursion, we covered portable off grid battery and solar power, the Raspberry Pi for data communication over HF Radio. In this video I show you the antenna configuration, and two polar opposite QSOs with the same configuration. It is importable to understand one cannot watch one video from my channel, expecting to understand the journey. These videos are slowly bringing the puzzle pieces together, showing off grid portable power, and uncompromising man portable amateur radio field stations, as the new normal. To do that, we need bespoke batteries, lightweight solar power, capable HF radios, and the imagination of the open source community.”





AR-DV10 Digital Handheld Scanning Receiver Features :  100kHz-1300MHz analogue & digital modes 10 Digital Modes : TETRA,P25(Phase 1+2),DMR,Mototrb… Read more


FX771 MetroPWR Overview

FX771 MetroPWR Overview

 Technical Features METER METROPWR FX771  Coverage 1.8/55 MHz 160/6mt + VHF/UHF (optional)  Measure Power AVG, PeP, dBm, R, Z, X , SWR, ReturnLoss  Po… Read more


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