North Huntingdon Ham Radio operator settles case with FCC


A well-known Westmoreland County ham radio operator has agreed to pay $7,000 to the federal government to settle allegations he intentionally interfered with other amateur radio operators on a particular frequency, officials said Tuesday.

The Federal Communications Commission originally levied a $11,500 fine against Brian Crow in July 2014, according to FCC records.

Crow, 58, of North Huntingdon, also failed to use his call sign as required by federal law.

When interviewed by FCC agents, Crow allegedly claimed he hadn’t been home or using his radio at the time of the disruptions.

Tuesday’s settlement, which closes the four-year case, also requires Crow to cease contact with the other radio operators involved in the interference and reduces his operating license to a lower level for six months, according to a release from U.S. Attorney Scott Brady…..READ MORE



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