A New Cycle Begins: Solar Storm Forecast 08-30-2018 – Aftermath of Hurricane Lane

“This week was an unbelievable week for space weather. A G3-level solar event conspired with Hurricane Lane and set the stage for what became a “perfect storm.” These storms might have well been twins! Both storms hit nearly simultaneously, and both storms lingered, exacerbating storm conditions for many hours. If Lane had truly made landfall, the results could have been more disastrous, but as it were its slow speed and Category 4 intensity were enough to cause massive flooding on the big island, leaving some people stranded and without the comforts of home. Had the situation been worse, amateur radio operators would have been a life line of communications. But that would have proven difficult as the massive solar storm was already knocking out communications on emergency radio frequencies for many hours. Perfect storms like these don’t come very often, but when they do, you never forget! Learn how many ways this massive solar storm impacted Earth, catch up on aurora photos during the storm, and see why more and more scientists are saying solar cycle 25 is just around the corner!”




E-Z-O Antenna

E-Z-O Antenna

A Successful Alternative to the Cubical Quad he revolutionary antenna you see pictured, the E-Z-O, was created by N8PPQ as the result of his efforts t… Read more


New Icom IC-7851

New Icom IC-7851

UPDATE 12/19/20114 0704Z Visit for complete information and photos : http://qrznow.com/icom-ic-7851-new-photos-manual/   Icom IC-7851 HF/6m Amate… Read more

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