Spotless but Unsettled: Solar Storm Shortie 09-27-2018

Space Weather

“After dishing out a set of solar storms over the past couple of weeks, the Sun finally calms down, but it hasnt gone completely quiet. We have a remnant coronal hole that is sending us some disturbed, and slightly fast solar wind. This has kept Earth at unsettled conditions and will continue to do so for the next couple of days. Sporadic aurora will likely be visible at high latitudes possibly through the weekend. GPS users should enjoy some decent reception on both the day and night sides of Earth, even at low latitudes where it is often troublesome, which is good news. However, amateur and shortwave radio operators will continue to struggle with poor radio propagation as the solar flux continues at solar minimum levels. Learn more details of the coming conditions and see what else the Sun has in store for us this week.”




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