Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ gets the last laugh in its new home on Fox

Tim Allen 

The 20th Century Fox Television series, “Last Man Standing” is about Mike Baxter (Tim Allen), a marketing executive for “Outdoor Man,” a fictitious sporting goods store in Colorado.

Mike, is a “man’s man” and involved in many outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and boating.  These days, all these activities have some technology associated with them.  Mike (and Tim) has a love for all technology and the electronics.  Among Mike’s interests is Amateur Radio (Ham Radio).

In the episode 114, “Odd Couple Out”, we established Tim’s character (Mike Baxter), as KA0XTT.  This call sign is fictitous and was “cleared” for use on air.  “XTT” is a bit of a private joke as Tim’s character name on “Home Improvement” was Tim Taylor. So, ex T. T.

There is some use of amateur radio in episodes 217, “The Fight” and 309, “Thanksgiving”.  All the episodes of “Last Man Standing” can be sceen on syndication all over the country.


Mike and Vanessa Baxter are engaged in dining table banter  in a scene from Fox’s revived “Last Man Standing” (Friday, 8 EDT/PDT), but between takes, the actors continue the comedy. . 

Tim Allen, who plays Mike, cracks jokes and chats with crew about his Detroit Lions. Travis, who plays Mike’s wife, Vanessa, goes faux put-upon at one point, saying, “I can’t work like this.”….READ MORE






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