20′ DX Flagpole Antenna | OCF HF Vertical Dipole | 3.5 to 50 MHz No Radials, Stealth, Portable

OCF HF Vertical Dipole

Higher performance, HF Multiband DX Flagpole Antenna covering 3.5 to 50MHz with NO radials sound like relief for your CC&R and HOA restrictions? 

Stealth and non-Stealth available. Smart Design, Premium Rugged Quality, All Band OCF Vertical Dipole Antenna, No Radials Required for maximum performance.

Choose from 12, 16, 20 and 28 footers! (flag or non-flag) that all operate from 80-6 meters with impressive efficiency.

Equal or Better Performance than verticals requiring Radials!

Before you buy, you must see the performance data below of the ‘full-page-advertisers vs. our DX Flagpole Antenna.

Our best effort to bring you transparent information, see our FAQ’s to help you make the right choice!

Customer Reviews:
“Got Indonesia (YB) this morning on 40m SSB with 100 watts.
Just over 9,000 miles!”
“Holds its own vs. taller competitors with no radials & is also stealth!”
“Highly Recommended for HOA CC&R restricted Ham Radio QTH’s.” 

“FB for weekends, quick deploy, portable & is airline compliant.”

September 2018 Design Reviewed:
 for DX performance, more dB’s & lower angles!

Easy Install: “1-2 hours unboxed to on the air.”
Rated for 90 MPH, aircraft grade aluminum.

Selection: 12′, 16′, 20′ and 28’ foot vertical dipole antennas.

Free Domestic Shipping | Easy International | Made in USA

Our designer has calculated antenna efficiency < 90% if a remote ATU is used at or near the feed point. Here is an animated GIF with the radiation angles for each band. Note there is no significant pattern breakup until 6m, you can’t say that about a 43 foot vertical!

These antennas are built rugged yet designed with quick deploy and quick take-down, portable or permanent installation in mind. Our HF Antenna Flagpoles are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA by a team of veteran radio amateurs just like you who see a need for smart solutions in our shortwave, ham radio culture.

Easy Install too! Simply dig a post hole, “drop-in” your new flagpole antenna, plug in your coax and you are QRV. Customers say unbox to on the air in under 2 hours. Also, these are Tilt-up, Tilt-over, and concrete or bulkhead mount ready!


  • 20-foot tall aircraft grade aluminum antenna with PVC in-ground “Drop In” sleeve (tilt-mounts are great too!) You’ll want a 2″ OD
  • Off-Center Fed Vertical Dipole design means no radials, 90% efficient or better across 80m to 10m
  • Internally routed Bury Flex 9914F coax cable feedline helps lower visual impact
  • Simple installation with just a shovel, no concrete needed in most installations (some do, some don’t, either okay)
  • Heavy duty fiberglass center, base insulators, and stainless steel hardware
  • Integrated common mode choke with six Type 31 ferrite beads terminated in Amphenol PL-259 
  • Available with an American flag (or DX Flag) and flag accessories for stealth operation
  • A versatile, smart option for FT8 and SDR mode operations

Our Vertical Dipole OCF Antennas (Off Center Fed) are an improvement from the various “best sellers” we see on the market. Our Greyline Performance upgrades to the DX Flagpole Antenna involve minimizing losses, finding every .db we can out of the antenna heights we offer and enhancing take-off angles too. Using EZNEC Pro software and decades of antenna design experience, we’ve found that our DX Flagpole and its non-Flag cousin, the OCF Vertical Dipole compete and beat the typical 1/4 wave requiring radials versions!

Again, the DX Flagpole offers a stealthy demeanor antenna that radiates efficiently! Also, as some have requested a quick and easy deploy portability we think this antenna lends itself as a great fit for Field Day, Motor Homes, Camping, Scouting, Second homes, Beach homes, Emcomm, and Airline Compliant for DX travel “fun-mode” Contesting, and more… What will you use it for?

Q. How does the Flagpole Antenna compare to other well-known antennas?
A. See below comparative graphs that give you a good idea of it’s “reach.” A worthy note here is that many of the compared antennas are of a different design that requires radials to work properly often bristling with stubs, traps, loading coils, and capacitive hats and in some cases are much taller. The OCF Flagpole really holds its own and is a stealth antenna, too! 

Look at the low-band (40/80M) results versus the 43′ vertical with radials. Also, worth noting is the pattern breaks up on 10M on the 43’er. Expect ham radio confidence with the DX Flagpole and it’s Vertical Dipole cousins down to 80M!

Q. What’s the difference between a 12′ 16′ 20′ and 28′ Flagpole?
A. We are surprised to find and report very little loss when dropping to the 16 and 12′ foot designs. Those in those more restricted heights can enjoy a little more confidence in working DX! 

Flagpole Backstory:

Many hams have asked for optimized antennas for multiple band operation, so we challenged antenna designer, QST author, and an inhabitant of a neighborhood where towers and Yagis would not go down well, John Portune, W6NBC, to come up with a compact vertical dipole which would be ATU “friendly” delivering good-to-excellent VSWR matches on all bands 80m through 10m with popular autotuners, in particular, the new breed of outdoor rated units. John delivered, in spades. John opted for an OCF design which makes it easier in most cases for ATUs to find a good match across a wide range of frequencies.

We didn’t cut any corners! Tubing is aircraft grade 6063-T832 aluminum, 2-inch OD top to bottom, thick fiberglass insulators at the feed and base, stainless hardware, Davis RF Buryflex coax and genuine Amphenol PL-259 connector for the pigtail, plus six Mix 31 ferrite beads from KF7P Metalwerks for the common mode choke.

We have tested the new RF Flagpole Antenna Line with several ATUs including the MFJ-998RT and MFJ-993BRT. All worked excellent on all bands 80m through 10m. For similar results we urge the use of the Flagpole antennas with an outdoor ATU located near the base of the antenna to keep feedline losses to a minimum, however, this antenna will work with many indoor ATUs and even some rig ATUs (we have tested with the Flex-6700 ATU). 

ATU Mounting Disclaimer: Again, we urge the position of the ATU at the base of the Flagpole antenna for best results. We can’t guarantee performance across all bands when the Flagpole is used with indoor ATUs as the feedline between the ATU in the shack and the antenna is an impedance transformer itself which could cause a very high mismatch on one or more bands, plus many built-in rig ATUs have limited adjustment range. We still urge the ATU must be mounted at the base for respectable performance results.

Below is a typical SWR chart from the field. Results vary with coax length and tuner position, of course. Expect a match and efficient radiation patterns.



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