FTDX-101D [ YAESU ] HF SDR Transceiver

Yaesu FTDX-101D

YAESU is excited to introduce a new High-Class HF/50MHz 100W Transceiver – FTDX101D and the first sample will be seen at Dayton Hamvention 2018. This information and the sample showed at Dayton are only the preliminary introduction, and any detailed information such as pricing and date of release is to be announced at a later date.

The new FTDX101D is utilizing the latest SDR Technology and classified as our High-End HF line, the FTDX series,which amateurs have come to know represents quality.
A few of the remarkable features of the new FTDX101D are; 

YAESU High-Class HF/ 50MHz 100W Transceiver
– SDR Technology and Waterfall Display
– Large Touch Panel precision color display
– Active Band Monitor enables rapid band changes with LED illumination of the operating band
– Independent control of the Main and Sub Bands allows effortless operation for the serious contester needing to move
quickly between the amateur bands
– High-Q VC Tuning Front-End
– Main tuning dial for Main and Sub Band frequency control includes an Outer Dial for clarifier, VC tuning, fine tuning or custom settings

As you may recall, the name “101” comes from our legendary-popular best seller FT-101 series. With all its strength, YAESU produced this new HF transceiver to carry on the tradition of high quality known from the original 101 series. The new FTDX101D will be certain to satisfy the variety of many amateur radio enthusiasts’ demands and contribute to your business into the future. Once we are ready to accept your orders, we will make an official announcement. Please be ready for this forthcoming exciting new radio!
Thank you for your time in this matter, and we appreciate your continued support to YAESU.

Announced features for incredible Yaesu FTdx-101D include:

* Elite-Level 160 to 6 Meters 100 Watt Transceiver
* Superb and astonishing close-in Dynamic Range Performance, even in crowded bands
* Hybrid SDR Technology with Direct Sampling & NBW (narrow Bandwidth) SDR 
* 9 MHz IF Roofing Filter Produce Excellent Shape Factor
* 400 MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer)
* Completely Independent Dual Receivers with General Coverage RX
*High-Q VC Tuning Front-End
* Yaesu Renowned Interference Reduction System with 32 bit IF DSP and Digital Noise Reduction and DSP Auto Notch 
* Large Touch-Panel Precision Color Display and External Display Output
* Real-Time 3DSS (Three Dimension Spectrum Stream) Waterfall Display
* Active Band Indicator with LED illumination of operating band enables rapid band changes
* MPVD (Multi-Purpose VFO Outer Dial) provides Sub VFO Dial, Clarifier operation, VC-TUNE adjustment, VFO fine tuning or CS (Custom Selection) function
* Easy Operation with intuitive controls


FTdx-101D – Video 1 

FTdx-101D – Pictures

Yaesu Announces FTDX 101D

The recently announced FTDX101MP is a 200 watt version

This is a quick video about the Yaesu FTdx101D announced at the Dayton Hamvention with all the information available at the event. Please forgive the video quality as I film very quickly with my cell phone.


FTDX101D YAESU new model at HanFair Tokyo2018





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