VHF Handbook V8.12

VHF Handbook

Submitted By:Hans Blondeel Timmerman (pb2t)

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Dear YL and OM, During our interim meeting in Vienna 2016 we agreed to reorganise the VHF managers handbook to make it more readable for all interested users. In fact I made a reorganisation of the content.

The General Conference in Landshut 2017 decided that the partitioning should be changed in a clearly contest, bandplanning and other sections, rather than to focus on the customer. In the meantime the actual version would be the reference (version 8.02).

The version 8.02 was divided in 4 parts, depending on the readers:

• PART 1: this is mend for all the users who are interested in the practical use of the our bands above 30 MHz and more specific about bandplanning, contesting and operating practice

• PART 2: contains technical information for developers, technical guidelines and details about research.

• PART 3: is mend for all readers who want to know more about the organisation and the working of IARU-R1; specific for VHF managers of the member societies

• PART 4: contains historical data, to keep track about the evolution from this handbook.

Although it was not a formal recommendation during the General Conference in Landshut the C5 concluded to have another partition, about bandplanning and contesting.

This version (8.12) is a try to achieve this, but there are not only items about contesting and bandplanning. So this new division is now: • PART 1: IARU-R1 VHF& up Organisation • PART 2: Bandplanning • PART 3: Contesting • PART 4: Technical and operational references • PART 5: archive

Nothing has been changed in the content. It was just being reorganised, like some people wanted during our Conference in Landshut 2017.

Personally I’m not convinced that this new partition is the wright one. This need to be discussed during our Interim Meeting in Vienna.

There we can choose which version is the most accurate and practical in use. If you not agree with one of those two versions(8.02 or 8.12), feel free to make your own proposal for the next General Conference in 2020 or during our Interim meeting in Vienna 2019.

Meanwhile all remarks and suggestions can be given via the wiki: http://iaruwiki.oevsv.at or by mail to ON4AVJ@uba.be.

73 de Jacques, ON4AVJ Chairman VHF&up committee (C5) IARU-R1


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