One Storm Wanes as Another Comes: Solar Storm Forecast 11-08-2018

“Our Sun keeps us on our toes this week by sending another solar storm our way, even as we continue to recover from the previous one. Only two days ago we hit G2-levels and the effects are still waning. This means Earth’s shield is a little rattled now and so it will be a bit more sensitive to the effects of the next storm. We could could bump back up to storm levels by November 9 with aurora coming down to mid-latitudes sporadically over the weekend. Learn the details of the coming solar storm, see why amateur radio operators are smiling despite a spotless Sun, and how your GPS reception will fare during this stormy week.”


Digital Modes

JS8Call 0.7 Released

JS8Call 0.7 Released

J8Call “Howdy Folks,  We’ve sure come a long way in the past few weeks. Thanks for sticking with me and enjoying the ride! This release is… Read more


VHF Handbook V8.12

VHF Handbook V8.12

VHF Handbook Submitted By:Hans Blondeel Timmerman (pb2t) Submitted On:07 Nov 2018File S Size:5,351.26 Kb Dear YL and OM, During our interim meeting in… Read more




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