Ham Radio Deluxe release is now available for download

Ham Radio Deluxe –

Ver Casos6.4.0.902Ham Radio Deluxe

The release is the final release of 2018. The next release will be in January 2019.

This release includes fixes for – logbook refreshing automatically on ADIF import, frequency correction for N1MM integration, split operations with IC-7610, performance improvements, double entry of QTH with certain integrations, 30 day solar data updates, FTdx-5000 power on function, update for LOTW changes to security, and a number of crash scenarios gathered from the Microsoft dashboard.

 0002317: [Bug] Imported ADIF records no longer displayed in open logbook (K7ZCZ)
 0002576: [Bug] Command SPLIT not work properly IC-7610 HRD Build 794 (K7ZCZ)
 0002710: [Bug] No Buttons are showing in Rig Control when connected to an IC-7851 (K7ZCZ)
 0002845: [Bug] V6.4.0.876 – Random crashesLockupsclosing of LB and DM where both are affected at the same time. (WA9PIE)
 0002886: [Enhancement] All: application startup could be faster (K7ZCZ)
 0002889: [General] Relocate “LOTW” (import confirmations) menu item (WA9PIE)
 0002893: [Bug] Incorrect frequency logged from N1MM+ (K7ZCZ)
 0002900: [Bug] Digital Master: May crash while trying to post message from HRD Interface (K7ZCZ)
 0002901: [Bug] Digital Master: crash when freeing HRDLOG_DATA structure (K7ZCZ)
 0002910: [Maintenance] Double City entry in ALE QTH field at lookup. (K7ZCZ)
 0002913: [Maintenance] LB: 30 Day Solar Data displays blank page (Win 7 only) (K7ZCZ)
 0002916: [Maintenance] Change in Security layer for LoTW. (K7ZCZ)
 0002920: [Bug] Logbook: Logfile view is difficult to use because of scrolling (K7ZCZ)
 0002921: [Bug] Logbook: bad parameters to AddLogfile() might cause a crash (K7ZCZ)
 0002922: [Bug] Logbook: can crash when handling database command in database dropdown menu (K7ZCZ)
 0002923: [Bug] HRDStation: unchecked call to mbstowcs_s() causes crashes (K7ZCZ)
 0002925: [Bug] Logbook: CLI “db refresh” command causes crash (K7ZCZ)
 0002929: [Bug] Logbook: Code in the DX Cluster implementation frees memory twice, uses uninitialized variables (K7ZCZ)
 0002931: [Bug] Logbook: “Selection” pane choice isn’t highlighted when re-opened, but still applied (K7ZCZ)
 0002936: [Enhancement] FTDX-5000 will not power on via HRD (K7ZCZ)




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