Thanksgiving Day Reprieve: Solar Storm Shortie 11-22-2018

“The Sun quiets down this week while we wait get a good look at a returning coronal hole that could bring us another chance for a solar storm from some fast wind. Meanwhile, we will likely stay at unsettled conditions as we feel the influence from a southern coronal hole followed by another small hole that will rotate into the Earth-strike zone in the next few days. Learn more about the gentle reprieve we get this week and see why amateur and shortwave radio operators are groaning while GPS users cheer.”



Icom IC-R8600

Icom IC-R8600

Icom IC-R8600 Ham Fair exhibition at 2016, so today (8/19) and I went to. Also, the new products that get out of the booth icom go, IC-R8600 desktop t… Read more


Digital Modes

JS8Call 0.7 Released

JS8Call 0.7 Released

J8Call “Howdy Folks,  We’ve sure come a long way in the past few weeks. Thanks for sticking with me and enjoying the ride! This release is… Read more


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