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BURST 2000A – HF power amplifier

Technical characteristics of HF power amplifier BURST-2000A

2200 W PEP output power (SSB and CW)

All HF bands, including WARC bands and 6 meters

Rated input power: 15 W

AC mains voltage 230 V

LCD display

Ethernet control (optional)

Modern design

Intuitive menu

All types of protection:


– overcurrent

– overheat protection

– excess input power

– protection against range switching errors (LPF Error)

Permissible operating conditions

– Working temperature range: -10 ° C (antifreeze) + 40 ° C

– Relative air humidity up to 95% (at 35 ° С)

Dimensions of the device (without protruding parts)

– 352 x 395 x 153 mm.

The amplifier is very easy to manage. With the help of the on-screen menu, even a beginner radio amateur will cope with the settings

Color TFT display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches (95 x 53 mm), a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and 24-bit color

There is a possibility of remote control via Ethernet (optional)

The operator is able to track all the main characteristics of the operating mode in digital form.

Failure statistics – detailed information about all abnormal situations of the DM is stored in non-volatile memory

Modern protection schemes ensure the integrity of the device’s electrical circuits

Light and compact relative to its power

Suitable for use with any transceiver.

Controlled by standard signals. Transmission mode (PTT) is activated by applying a zero. Rated power at the RF input device 15 W

The transceiver output is well matched to the broadband input. The CWS level is at 1.2: 1 in the range of 1.8 – 54 MHz without any adjustments.

Automatic transceiver control via CAT protocol (optional). The MIND continuously monitors the operating frequency and produces a change in the ranges

Built-in frequency meter, band decoder, as well as AUX connections, in case of not using the CAT connection, will determine the frequency and allow the amplifier to correctly control the working range

Field effect transistors type BLF188 (MOSFET) are able to withstand high levels of output error (high value of VSWR)

Exceptional electromagnetic compatibility with different sensitivity units, allows you to connect to almost any device

High-quality surge protection and automatic compensation of reactive power is achieved through a high-quality switching power supply.

Input voltage range (85-300 V) –




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