Dancing with Our Star: Solar Storm Forecast 11-29-2018

“The Sun ramps up excitement this week with a very familiar dance partner. A huge coronal hole that sent us 3 solar storms over the past 3 months is back yet again. It has survived its backside passage for the fourth month in a row! Due to its return, by the beginning of December we could easily reach active conditions and possibly storm levels from the burst of fast solar wind this coronal hole will send us as it rotates through the Earth-strike zone. Learn the details of this coming solar storm, how long it will last, and when and where we expect to see aurora. With a spotless Sun, disruptive effects of this solar storm could also be amplified for amateur radio and shortwave radio operators since the solar flux is already so low and radio propagation is already at poor conditions. See when solar flux will get a boost, discover why GPS users on Earth’s day side continue to smile, and find out what else our Sun has in store.”





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