Additional amateur radio communication Cubesats to launch on SSO-A

JY1SAT is a one unit CubeSat, dedicated to the memory of His Majesty the late King Hussein, the first founder of the HAM Radio in Jordan and holder of call sign JY1. This will be Jordan’s first satellite.

JY1SAT contains the AMSAT-UK FUNcube-6 communications transponder with expanded capabilities to be able to transmit stored images reflecting the Jordanian culture and its historical heritage, along with a voice message recorded by the Crown Prince to be transmitted in space to receivers around the world.

Frequencies for the JY1SAT FUNcube-6 transponder include:
Uplink: 435.100 – 435.120 MHz CW, LSB
Downlink: 145.855 – 145.875 MHz CW, USB
Telemetry: 145.840 MHz (FUNcube BPSK format, new Dashboard software
will be made available)

JYISAT will transmit pre-stored images of the Kingdom which have been selected by a national competition. These images will be downlinked using a SSDV digital format.

The SpaceX Falcon-9 v1.2 launch from Vandenberg also includes 40+ cubesat passengers, notably ExseedSat 1 from India, the European Student Earth Orbiter – ESEO (FUNcube 4) and AMSAT-NA Fox 1Cliff.

Uplink: 435.340 MHz FM voice with 67 Hz CTCSS tone
and APRS digipeater
Downlink: 145.900 MHZ FM voice, APRS digipeater, telemetry

ESEO (FUNcube 4)
Uplink: 1263.500 MHz FM voice with 67Hz CTCSS tone
Downlink: 145.895 MHz FM voice and telemetry

See also the AMSAT-UK summary of mission descriptions and frequencies at:








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