IC-9700 new release!

“We announced the release information of IC-9700 today.

IC-9700 is the RF DIRECT SAMPLING METHOD (144/430 Mhz Belt) with high rating in HF Transceiver IC-7610 / IC-7300, a real-time spectrum scope that can be grasp at a glance at the situation within the band, For the first time as a VHF / UHF Amateur Radio Machine, a waterfall display that can be confirmed in the time series. The 1200 Mhz Belt is also standard equipped.

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◎Icom Inc. Releases IC-9700, Supreme VHF/UHF Base Station Amateur Transceiver, including the 1200 MHz Band 

Icom Inc. will begin selling the IC-9700, 144, 430, 1200 MHz all mode transceiver in January 2019 in Japan. Delivery times may vary, depending on the country or region.

Icom Inc. (Headquarters: Hirano, Osaka, Japan/President: Masataka Harima) will begin selling the IC-9700, 144, 430, 1200 MHz all mode transceiver in January 2019 in Japan. Delivery times may vary, depending on the country or region. 

The IC-9700 is the first VHF/UHF transceiver introducing the RF direct sampling system for the 144 and 430 MHz bands, a real-time spectrum scope and waterfall function. The RF direct sampling system has achieved a high evaluation in Icom’s IC-7610 and IC-7300 HF transceivers, and the spectrum scope and water fall function have been indispensable tools to increase QSO opportunities, without missing weak signals. The radio has various features, such as a built-in 1200 MHz band, 4.3 inch TFT color touch screen display, full duplex with Dualwatch on separate bands, Satellite mode, D-STAR DV (Digital Voice) /DD (Digital Data) modes and Terminal/Access point modes. In addition, a newly designed power amplifier and cooling system provides stable and high-efficiency operation, even when continuously transmitting for a long time.

The IC-9700 is the perfect side-by-side companion to the IC-7300 HF radio. They are the same size and have almost identical ergonomics. Using the IC-9700 and IC-7300 creates an ideal, compact radio station covering the HF, 144, 430 and 1200 MHz bands. The IC-9700 is the one and only VHF/UHF all mode transceiver that enables a variety of VHF/UHF operation, like DX, contests, satellite/EME and D-STAR.


  • RF direct sampling system (144 and 430 MHz bands)
  • Triband (144, 430 and built in 1200 MHz bands) and all modes, including AM and DV/DD
  • High-speed real-time spectrum scope and waterfall function
  • Large 4.3 inch TFT color touch screen display
  • Full duplex with Dualwatch on separate bands
  • Satellite operation friendly functions
  • D-STAR DV (Digital Voice) and DD (Digital Data) modes
  • Receives and demodulates two signals simultaneously in the D-STAR DV mode
  • Built-in gateway function application for Terminal/Access point modes
  • Newly designed power amplifier providing stable and high-efficiency operation
Item name 144 MHz + 430 MHz + 1200 MHz  
50 W transceiver (for amateur radio)
Model name IC-9700
Suggested retail price 188,000 yen + tax
Release date Scheduled to be released in January 2019
Estimated number of units to sell 5,000 vehicles / year (domestic and overseas)

Icom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka-shi Hirano Ward, president: Masataka Harima) will release the 144/430/1200 MHz all mode transceiver IC-9700 for amateur radio in January 2019.

The IC-9700 is an RF direct sampling method (144/430 MHz band) which has been highly evaluated by HF transceiver IC-7610 / IC-7300, real-time spectrum scope which can grasp the situation in the band at a glance, We adopted the waterfall indication that can be confirmed by the series for the first time as a VHF / UHF amateur radio. In addition, 1200 MHz band is standard equipment.

4.3 inch large TFT display corresponding to touch operation, simultaneous reception of two waves in different band / different modes, full duplex, dedicated satellite mode, DV (digital voice) / DD (digital data) mode of D – STAR ® , recent topic Terminal mode / access point mode etc, various functions are implemented. In addition, the newly designed power amplifier and cooling structure allow stable operation even when used for a long time.

Since the operation system and user interface inherit the equivalent of the IC – 7300, by aligning IC – 9700 and IC – 7300, it is possible to operate from HF to the 1200 MHz band in lineup. IC-9700 with innovative spec and sophisticated operability unique to V / UHF dedicated machine. DX, contest, satellite / EME communication, 1200MHz band, D-STAR ® , such as the world of V / UHF, broadly, is the industry’s one and only all mode transceiver commitment pulled to the VHF / UHF, which can be enjoyed deeply.

【Main features】

  • Adopted RF direct sampling method aged by HF machine (144/430 MHz band).
  • In addition to the 144/430 MHz band, 1200 MHz band is standard equipment as standard. It corresponds to all mode including AM, DV / DD.
  • V / UHF machine first, high-speed real-time spectrum scope & waterfall display realized.
  • Equipped with a 4.3-inch large TFT display compatible with touch operation.
  • Supports 2 wave simultaneous reception (different band / different mode), full duplex operation.
  • Satellite mode with easy operation is installed.
  • It corresponds to D-STAR ® DV (digital voice) and DD (digital data) mode.
  • It corresponds to simultaneous reception of two waves in DV mode.
  • Built-in gateway function equivalent to RS-MS 3 A / RS-MS 3 W Operation is unnecessary with no application required.
  • Newly designed power amplifier that realizes high efficiency, stable output, energy saving.


Digital Modes



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