A Bit of a Mixed Bag: Solar Storm Shortie 12-20-2018

“This week we deal with more unsettled conditions as the Sun gives us a mixed bag of fast and slow solar wind streams. This means more sporadic aurora shows at high latitudes until things calm down briefly at the beginning of next week. Though the Sun is technically spotless, we have a few bright regions in Earth view that are boosting the solar flux and keeping radio propagation in the marginal range.

These conditions should continue for the next few days before region 2731 dims further and rotates to the Sun’s backside. Learn more about the coming pockets of fast wind, hear what bright regions are lurking on the Sun’s backside, and what chances we have for aurora this week.”


Icom ID-31E

Icom ID-31E

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Digital Modes



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Antenna Lifting Kite

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