Third Wednesday Monthly Communications Exercises Set

FEMA Region 10 will conduct monthly communications exercises (COMMEX) on the third Wednesday of each month, starting on January 16, 1730 – 1900 UTC. Amateur Radio operators are invited to take part. The intent of these exercises is to test and exercise interoperable communication (federal/state/local/tribal/Amateur Radio) during a major disaster in which the communication infrastructure is significantly damaged or destroyed.

FEMA Region 10 will use the call sign WGY910. Other stations associated with agencies and organizations that provide response support in accordance with the National Response Framework are encouraged to participate.

The COMMEX will use these “dial” or “window” frequencies on 60 meters — including 5,330.5 kHz, 5,346.5 kHz, 5,357.0 kHz, 5,371.5 kHz, and 5,403.5 kHz — as part of the exercise. The area of operation is the continental US.




Specifications Frequency Coverage 160 – 6 meters + 30, 17, 12 WARC Gain As much as 10 dBd* reported at most installations Radiator Length Horizontal 265′ and the Vertical Radiator is 22′ Feed line 50 ohm coaxial cable, RG-… Read more

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