Episode 229 – Keith Baker – KB1SF

AMSAT, the Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation, has launched over 95 satellites into space since 1961.  Keith Baker, KB1SF, former President and now treasurer of AMSAT speaks and writes on amateur satellites, what is happening now, how to get started, and how to get involved.  Keith shares his amateur radio story and his wealth of satellite knowledge in this episode of QSO Today.

QRP Labs QCX Transceiver Kit

Keith’s Links:  
Getting Started on the Amateur Radio Satellites

6 transistor radio in 60s

University of New Hampshire

US Air Force

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

First License: Novice License,  WD8CMU

Dayton Hamvention

Air Force – MARS

Jack Mitchell, AA8Q
Carl Thurber,  W8FX

First Rig:  
Heathkit HW-101 Transceiver
Hustler 18BVT antenna

Current Rig:  
Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver
Ameritron AL 82 Amplifier
​G5RV Dipole

Kenwood TS-2000
Yaesu FT-847

Icom IC-9700 all mode

Logbook of the World

Strategic Air Command, Omaha

Aviano Air Force Base, Italy

Ted Randall, QSO Radio Show

Ted Randall’s Radio Station – WTWW.US

AMSAT Links: 
AMSAT has launched 95 satellites since 1961
AMSAT – Local Coordinator
AMSAT Phase 3D Oscar 40
Oscar 7 – 1974 – still active
Oscar 1 launched as a secondary payload
AMSAT funded by donations
AMSAT FOX series Cubesat
Bob Twigs, Cubesat designer

NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration

ELaNa educational launch of experimental satellites

Fox Telemetry – crowd source data download

EsHale 2  geosynchronous satellite by Qatar

Gateway to the moon satellites

AMSAT Moon Ray

Chinese Amateur Satellites

ARRIS Project

STEM Programs

Eggbeater satellite antenna

Satellite debris mitigation

Getting Started on the Amateur Radio Satellites

Excited by: Technology coming down the road, and that we continue to push the technology forward.

Advice to new or returning hams:  “Get involved! AMSAT is an equal opportunity exploiter” Give something back so you can make a difference.

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KB1SF working satellites from the beach
KB1SF Indoor Station
KB1SF Outdoor “Shed Shack”
KB1SF Shed Shack Station

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