Episode 232 – George Zafiropoulos – KJ6VU

George Zafiropoulos, KJ6VU, is the the co-host of the Ham Radio Workbench Podcast, one of the more popular ham radio podcasts.  George has a long and interesting ham radio history as well as he is an accomplished home-brewer, builder, operator, and high tech executive. We touch on a few of our favorite subjects that include repeaters and repeater controllers, the Cactus Intertie, DMR, and building with Arduino micro-controllers.  KJ6VU is my QSO Today.

QRP Labs QCX Transceiver Kit

George KJ6VU channels: 
Website – Ham Radio Workbench Podcast

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

QSL Cards from Shortwave Broadcast Stations

Radio Netherlands

BBC – British Broadcasting Company

Drake 2B Receiver

Realistic Shortwave Receiver DX 150

ARRL Handbook, 1971

First License:
 Novice, WN6CMM, 1972
Upgrade: Technician, WA6YPC
Now Amateur Extra

First Rig:  
Johnson Viking Ranger transmitter
Drake R4B Receiver

Henry Radio, Los Angeles 
Ted Henry, W6UOU
Frank Cuevas, W6AOA, Worked at Henry Radio

Los Angeles RACES

Midland 13-509 220 Mhz FM Transceiver

SAROC – Sahara Amateur Radio Club

Cactus Intertie

Alan Burgstahler, WA6AWD – Co-founder of the Cactus Intertie along with Robin Critchell, WA6CDR

“An Op-Amp Electronic Keyer, QST Magazine, Oct. 1972


Cal State Northridge, Computer Engineering
Pepperdine University, BSM

Employer: National Instruments, Semiconductor Division

Ham Radio Workbench Podcast
Fo-time podcast, Cale Nelson, K4CDN
Antenna Analyzer Project, By Berik Dunn K6BEZ

Sierra Radio Systems 
Sierra Radio Hamstack
Sierra Radio Systems Radio Router – UG wants one
John KJ6K, co- builder of Sierra Radio repeater controller

Microchip dsPIC

FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array

Palomar Telecom

Z80 Processor

Motorola Micor mobiles and repeaters
Micor squelch gate

George’s favorite micro-processors: 
Microchip PIC microprocessor
Raspberry Pi

Favorite Digital Mode: CW


Favorite VHF/UHF digital mode: DMR – Digital Mobile Radio

Greatest challenge to ham radio: Recruiting new hams and getting them active

Excited most by: The Internet and the proliferation of digital modes,

Advice to new or returning hams: Don’t get locked into one thing.  

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Drake 2B GC Receiver
Midland 13-509 220 Mhz FM Transceiver
Ham Radio Workbench Projects
Ham Radio Workbench “Benchduino” Board

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