Episode 233 – Ray Waldemar – WA6NVL

Ray Waldemar, WA6NVL, is an early adopter of electronic technologies that find their way into amateur radio including the first Apple 1 computer, first instances of repeaters, remote base stations, digital modes, D-Star, and now DMR.  Active on HF, VHF, UHF, and Microwave, from SSB to satellites. Ray just likes it all for the technical challenges and the social connections he makes from almost 50 years in the amateur radio hobby. WA6NVL is my QSO Today.

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QRP Labs QCX Transceiver Kit

Ray’s websites:  
You-Tube Channel

Parkway Junior High, La Mesa Mentors:  
Dick Leffler, WA6COE
Roger Miller, WA6MUH

Shortwave listening

First License: Age 15, 1970,  Novice WN6NVL

Heathkit Store, La Mesa, CA

Friend: Wayne Burdick, WA6HQH, now N6KR

QSL Cards from SWL

Morse code practice oscillator,

Harley Gabrielson, K6DS

AMSAT Oscar 1 Satellite

MARS – Military Auxiliary Radio System

Louis Rush, K6QXN – used to make loading coils for a novice triband dipole antenna

ARC5 receiver 40 Meter

El Cajon Amateur Radio Club WA6BGS

First Rig:  
Heathkit SB-101 transceiver
Heathkit SB-401 transmitter

Current Rigs:  
Flex Radio 5000 transceiver
Flex Radio 6700 transceiver

Satellite station:  
Kenwood TS-790A VHF UHF Transceiver
K2 Eggbeater Antenna
Arrow dual band yagi antenna

Can Home Solar Power and Ham Radio Coexist?, By Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP. QST magazine, April 2016. Pp 33-37

S meter Noise Level

MUF – maximum usable frequency

DeVry Institute of Technology – Phoenix, AZ

IMSAI Computer

West Coast Computer Fair – 1980

Apple 1 computer

Apple 2 computer

Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak

Southern Pacific Railroad

Magnaflux and sonic testing of railroad track

Ray is a certified expert: electromagnetic compatibility

NATO hardening for EMP

EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse weapon

Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws

RF Return Currents

Solar wind

CCR – covenants,  conditions, and restrictions before HOA

SDR – software defined radio


Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)


Icom class to become D-Star system manager


First USA Ham IPSC Connection

P25 Digital Mode

Math Moves You – Raytheon Program

Mt. Carmel High School Amateur Radio Club, San Diego

UCSD Amateur Radio Club

TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access

LEO Satellites

Dog Park Software’s MAC Doppler Pro satellite tracking software.  

APRS – automatic packet reporting system

​Southern California Monitoring Association

​Biggest challenge to amateur radio now: antenna restrictions, HOA, and CCR

Excited most by: Software defined radio and digital radio

​Advice to new or returning hams: New technologies including video streaming over the air

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Heathkit SB-101 Transceiver
Kenwood TS-790 All mode VHF/UHF Transceiver
IMSAI 8080 Computer
Flex 6700 HF Transceiver
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