Ham radio SSTV from the Space Station

Ham radio SSTV from the Space Station

The Inter-MAI amateur radio Slow Scan Television experiment on the International Space Station is scheduled to be activated Jan 30 – Feb 1 on 145.800 MHz FM 

Received information that the Moscow Aviation Institute will be conducting their SSTV experiment from January 30 – February 1. 

It appears from the scheduling that the experiment will only be active during a couple of orbits that overfly Moscow instead of a continuous operation. Rough time periods of activation appear to fall between the hours of 13:00 – 19:00 UTC. Activity should occur on the traditional 145.800 MHz downlink. 

Source: ARISS SSTV Blog 

You can receive the pictures from the ISS by using the MMSSTV software and an Online Radio (WebSDR). Select a Frequency of 145800.0 kHz and Mode FM:
• Farnham WebSDR when ISS in range of London http://farnham-sdr.com/
• R4UAB WebSDR when ISS is over Russia http://websdr.r4uab.ru/

Check the N2YO site to see when the ISS is in range 

ISS Slow Scan TV (SSTV) hints and links 





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