AX prefix on Australia’s national day

Under a permanent agreement with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) all Australian radio amateurs may use the alternative AX callsign prefix instead of VK on Australia Day, Saturday January 26. 

On Australia Day many celebrate our country and culture. This includes the granting of awards, honours and the welcoming to citizenship of many immigrants. National flags will be flown and the celebrations end in some places with a firework display. 

Popular on air among prefix hunters and others is the AX prefix. The use of a special QSL card with it is greatly encouraged by the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA). 

The alternative AX prefix agreement between the ACMA and the WIA means that all radio amateurs may use it without seeking allocation of a special event callsign, This prefix is also on Anzac Day, April 25 and International Telecommunications 
Day, May 17

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