HRWB069-What is Arduino

Brittany KF8IJZ received an Arduino kit with many sensors and addons for Christmas and is starting to get familiar with the microcontroller and its capabilities.  Mark KR6ZY joins us to answer the fundamental question of “What is Arduino?” We talk through some fundamentals and some practical examples of projects one can complete with an Arduino compatible microcontroller.


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Active Antenna Loop Antenna –

Using Filters to smooth Pulse Width Modulation Output –

Arduino analogWrite –

Arduino Wire –

What is Arduino –

Arduino IDE –

Microsoft Visual Code Arduino –

Arduino Software Tools –

Arduino Official Language Reference –

Core Arduino Libraries –

Arduino Libraries –

K3NG Arduino Based CW Keyer –

Debouncing a Button in Software –

KR6ZY’s 4 part series on TWiT’s Coding 101 on building an Analog Panel Meter clock

Arduino Controlled Fox Hunt Transmitter –

Arduino MIDI Controller Tutorial –

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