DX Engineering Radio RF Ground Plane Kits

DX Engineering Radio RF Ground Plane Kits provide an effective method of reducing stray RF pickup by equipment and interconnecting cables. Used under and in back of equipment, this 1/16 inch thick, pre-drilled copper sheet creates an RF reference plane that is typically connected to the existing grounding bus. As described in the ARRL’s “Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur” by H. Ward Silver, N0AX; a large surface area of metal improves upon the single conductor grounding buss by equalizing the RF E-field (electric field) around equipment and attached cables. This reduces voltage differences between pieces of equipment and the associated currents that cause RF interference to transceivers, microphones and accessories. The reduction in RF interference improves both transmitted and received signal quality.

The Radio RF Ground Plane Kits are available in six versions, displayed below; three sizes of copper plate with hardware and the same three sizes copper plates with companion mounting boards made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), with hardware. All kits are intended for indoor use only.

As used by top contesters and DXers alike, a flat metal sheet placed under equipment, along with physically short grounding braids, wires and interconnection cables can significantly reduce the RF voltage differences between cables and equipment. The chance of RF trouble in your equipment is reduced by installing DX Engineering Radio RF Ground Plane Kits in your station




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