Episode 235 – Dan Gravereaux – N1ZZ

Dan Gravereaux, N1ZZ, began his ham radio story as a kid leading to a career in electronics, a stint at the CBS Labs working on quadraphonic sound, and later founding West Mountain Radio creators of the Rigblaster interfaces for HF digital modes.  West Mountain Radio also popularized the ubiquitous Anderson Power Poles that we all use now and love. N1ZZ shares his ham radio story and expertise in this QSO Today.

QRP Labs QCX Transceiver Kit

N1ZZ Links:  
QRZ Page
Paradan Radio

Boy Scout 1 Tube Radio

QST magazine

Hometown: New Canaan, CT.

Heathkit AR-2

First License: Age 16, 1958, Novice  KN1DMG
General upgrade: K1DMG

First Rig:  
Heathkit AT1 Transmitter
ARC5 Receiver 80 Meters
Heathkit DX-40
Hammarlund HQ 100
Harrison Radio, NYC

Current Rig:  
Icom IC-756 Pro
Ten-Tec Titan 425 Power Amp
R6A vertical 20 to 6 meters
40 meter dipole

Favorite operating mode: CW  

Education: University of Connecticut, BSEE
Vietnam War, Army Reserve

Links from professional life 

N1ZZ has worked 368 Countries and missing only North Korea

CQ World Wide DX contest

West Mountain Radio Links:  
West Mountain Radio, Inc. History
West Mountain Radio Rigblaster
West Mountain Radio RigRunner DC Power Strip
Rigblaster Duo

PSK31 Digital Mode

Model Airplanes with electric engines

Anderson Power Pole connectors

Paradan antenna disconnect

PCARS – or Platinum Coast Amateur Radio Society, in Melbourne, Florida
Curacao Contesting Club Association

GOTA Station

QSO Today Episode 183, Geoff Howard, W0CG

ARRL SSB Contest

Ham radio fox hunts – listen to Joe Moell – K0OV, Episode 40

Greatest challenge: radio is not well known by the general public
Makers Guild

Excited most by: New digital modes like FT8, computer to the radio interfaces

Joe Taylor, K1JT

Advice to new or returning hams: Look at the hobby and choose what you seem to like, meet other hams, and just have fun.

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Heathkit AT-1 Novice Transmitter
Paradan Radio Antenna Disconnect
Anderson Power Pole
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