Help required in final tests before MarconISSta deinstalled

Update Feb 5th 2019, 16:36 UTC: Feedback is overwhelming, will try to update this page as good as possible! Note that we will only receive signal strength value for 435-438 MHz, we will not be able to decode the data.

We were just informed that it is likely that MarconISSta will be deinstalled on February 9th 2019. This is about three weeks earlier than expected, so we quickly have to finish any outstanding activities. Therefore: All Power To The ISS!

We want to invite everybody who owns a UHF antenna, preferably with an e.i.r.p. of more than 30 dBW (we did successful tests with 50W transmit power and 15 dBi antenna gain), to do transmissions to the ISS. These transmissions will be recorded by MarconISSta and we will publish the results here. This experiment is a nice way for you to test your antennas, while it is great for us and ARISS to evaluate the ARISS VHF/UHF antenna pattern.

Transmission Details:

  • Trasmission time: Whenever you see the ISS between now and February 9th. Next time that we will downlink data is on February 8th, so if you want to make sure that you get the results early, transmit before February 8th.
  • Frequency: 435-438 MHz. Please avoid 435.95 MHz in Europe (our reference frequency) and 436.5 MHz (center frequency of receiver)
  • Power: Continuous transmission of carrier, we recommend  an e.i.r.p. of more than 30 dBW. The reason for this is that MarconISSta integrates the transmissions, short bursts might get lost.
  • Please do not use Doppler correction. We want to see the Doppler shift, it might help us to localize your transmission from this

Results will be published over the weekend.

Please let us know about your transmissions in the comments or here!

EDIT: To prevent overlap, we will post intended transmissions below:

435.300 MHz: Europe
435.500 MHz: Europe MX0MXO
435.550 MHz: Europe ON7UX
435.950 MHz: Europe
436.500 MHz: Do not use Worldwide – Center frequency (DC Offset)
436.625/635 MHz: 05 Feb 19, 14:33-14:42 UTC, 16:09 UTC OH2FQV
437.280 MHz: 06 Feb 19, 01:33-01:44 UTC >> K4KDR



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