Episode 242 – Neil King – VA7DX

Neil King, VA7DX, shares his ham radio story that began as a kid when is father introduced him to the Morse code.  Now after almost 40 years, Neil has over 16 DXpeditions under his belt and continues to enjoy traveling and operating CW from some of the most remote locations in the World.  When he his not traveling as an international IT consultant, VA7DX resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, is active in his radio club and club station. We also discuss the BCWARN amateur radio microwave backbone in this QSO Today.

QRP Labs QCX Transceiver Kit

Neil King VA7DX Links:
VA7DX working 20 meters on field day
Baker Island 2018 biography

CB Radio
First License: 1979 age 30, Advanced Class, 1980, VA7DX

Black Mamba Contest and Dxpedition Team

4U1IT – United Nations Station

Baker Island DXpedition, Pacific
US Fish and Wildlife

Neil’s DXpeditions:

Satellite AO40

Dave Anderson, K4SV
Bob Allphin, K4UEE – also a QSO Today Guest in EP 79

Lance Collister,  W7GJ – EME on 6 meters

Glen Johnson, W0GJ
King Hussein of Jordan, JY1

Joe Walsh, WB6ACU

Barry Goldwater, K7UGA (SK)

Favorite DXpedition mode: CW on 30 meters

Take with you on DXpeditions: 

  1. Almonds, snack food
  2. Sun screen
  3. Compatible team

British Columbia Wireless Amateur Radio Network (BCWARN)


Ubiquiti Networks
IRLP – Internet Radio Linking Protocol
DMR – digital mobile radio

DMR Hotspot

InReach Satellite Device
Iridium Satellite

Inmarsat Satphone

WinLink First node in Western Canada

San Andreas Fault
3G Cellular Network

Edge Cellular Network

Greatest challenge to amateur radio: Competition from the Internet and other activities.

Survivalist use of radio

Amateur radio for Four wheel drive clubs
Arctic flutter on radio

Excited most by:  Everything!

N1MMPlus Software

Advice to new or returning hams: Get involved in a club for the wide breadth of amateur radio

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VA7DX on Baker Island 2018
VA7DX taming an eagle in Mongolia
Building a Quad Antenna
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