Episode 243 – Bob Sumption – W9RAS

Bob Sumption, W9RAS, was raised on Popular Electronics and Popular Mechanics magazines, learned how to fix anything from his father, and became a ham radio operator in the 1950s.  Bob was an electronics technician at Heathkit who assembled the prototype SS9000 synthesized HF amateur radio transceiver. Now a collector of everything Heathkit, he has restored one of the three original Heathkit SS8000 HF transceivers that never made it to market. Bob is a consummate long term, big project builder and radio restorer, who shares his success, knowledge, expertise, and history in this QSO Today.

QRP Labs Ultimate 3 WSPR Transmitter

Bob Sumption, W9RAS Links: 
YouTube Channel
QRZ Page
Midwest Classic Radio Net Webpage

Nickname: Sparky

First License:  16 years age, 1958.

Advice from W9RAS to improve on the air skills: Make one contact a day

First Rig:
BC348 Receiver
Hart 25 Transmitter 6W6 or 6V6 tube about 6 watts
Telephone Drop Cable as feedline

Elmers and Mentors: Don Smith W9EPT and Arthur Bauernfeind, W9MCJ
Ed Heath, founder of Heathkit
Bob Mann W8LHP – built one of the three Heathkit SS8000 transceivers ever made.
Doug Demaw, W1FB

Hart 25 Amateur Radio Transmitter, Popular Electronics, 1955
Twinplex regenerative 6SN7 tube receiver1 tube radio receiver
Collins Radio R390 Receiver
Collins Radio KWS-1 Transmitter
Yaesu FT857 HF Transceiver
Heathkit AT1 Transmitter
Heathkit SS9000 – first Heathkit synthesized HF transceiver
Heathkit SS8000 Transceiver
EB104 1000 watt amplifier, Moscow
Heathkit SB-104 Transceiver
Motorola 41V VHF Transceiver
Heathkit HW2036A two meter transceiver

Aluminum lawn chair halo antenna for 6 meters
7 element MSquared on 6 meters
VHF 13 element Cushcraft Quadie   
VHF Quagi antenna

Blossomland Amateur Radio Club, St Joseph, Michigan
South Bend Indiana Amateur Radio Club
Elkhart Amateur Radio Club, Elkhart, Indiana

Popular Electronics Magazine

Popular Mechanics Magazine

to learn CW

2nd Class FCC Radiotelephone


Heathkit Parasol Airplane Kit

Heathkit OL1 3” Ocilliscope Kit

2016 Michigan Roundup Amateur Radio Contest

6 Meters Magic band


Simpson 260 Multimeter

1929 Ford Touring Phaeton Car
Greatest Challenge to amateur radio now:
Getting young people into amateur radio

Excited most by: All the new things

Advice to new or returning hams:  Take it slow.

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Hart 25 Novice Transmitter
W9RAS at Heathkit assembles SS9000
Heathkit SS9000 HF Synthesized Transceiver
1929 Ford Touring Car

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