Episode 245 – Joe Everhart – N2CX

Joe Everhart, N2CX, is well known is QRP circles for his technical contributions and articles in the ham radio magazines.  Along with George Heron, N2APB, my guest in Episode 151, of the QSO Today podcast, they produce a live talk show called Chat with the Designers, as well as present at the QRP Event, four days in May, that precedes the opening of the Dayton Hamvention in May.  Joe is a builder and ham radio designer, and share some of his insight into homebrewing while enjoying amateur radio in this QSO Today.

QRP Labs QCX Transceiver Kit

First call: WV2MES
Upgrade to General six months later:  WA2MES
Upgrade to Extra as high school senior

First Rig:
QST 75 watt Rig by Steve Branka K2SB, using 807 tube transmitter
ARC5 Receiver

Current Rig:
Elecraft KX3

Favorite operating mode: CW

Rigs Discussed:
Heathkit DX100
Heathkit SB100  
Norcal Sierra – designed by Wayne Burdick, N6KR
World Radio Labs Globescout Transmitter
The New Ameco AC1 Transmitter

First Mentor: Dave Cunningham K2UDA
Friend: Sidney Schusterman K2SME
Esco Electronics, Jay Shaw k2BZK
Peter Green, N2LVI worked on specs for C band radio on space station
Doug Hendricks, NORCAL and QRP Guys

South Jersey Radio Association

NAPOTA – National parks on the air

Drexel University, Philadelphia, BSEE

General Electric, Philadelphia

RCA, Camden, NJ

STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math

Satellite Tedris

GWEN – ground wave emergency network

Milstar Satellite System

QRP: CW 5 watts or less,  10 watts SSB

Ultimate antenna for the QRP operator: Horizontal dipole antenna

End Fed halfwave antenna

Base Loaded vertical antenna

Antenna Counterpoise

“Money bands” now: 40 meter, 20, 30 meters

NJQRP Homebrewer magazine from the New Jersey QRP Club

Rainbow Tuner in Altoids can – end fed tuner SWR bridge

SOP Receiver for 40 and 80 meters

KA5DVS Pacific Antennas

Midnight Design Solutions

Micro 908 antenna analyzer

Chat with the Designers


Four Days in May, FDIM

Midnight loop antenna

Dayton Hamvention

Lobstercon, Maine

Greatest challenge to amateur radio: Getting new blood interested

Excited most by: New technologies, QRP Labs and Bitx Kits, the Icom IC 7300
Digital Modes FT8

Advice to new or returning hams: Join a club, get active, build something

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Elecraft KX3 QRP Transceiver
Midnight Loop antenna
Micro 908 Antenna Analyzer
SOP Receiver for 80 and 40 Meters

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