Episode 248 – Jerry Lewine – K6QU

Jerry Lewine, K6QU, began his career in radio as a young ham in 1959, that led to a career as a broadcast engineer, first as a teenager in his native Pennsylvania, through the Air Force, and later to markets in Hawaii and California.  While Jerry’s broadcast radio career sidelined his ham radio adventure for a number of years, Jerry is back with a passion for CW and FT-8 while the current solar cycle is at its low. K6QU is my QSO Today.

The Knack
Crystal Set
Hometown: Indiana, PA
First License: Age 11, Novice, 1959, KN3OLG
Indiana Amateur Radio Club, Indiana, PA 

University of Pittsburgh, BSEE


Other radios:  

Radio Stations mentioned:
WDAD radio station
WEET Radio Station
KGMB, Oahu Hawaii
KSEE Radio
KDON – Central coast radio station

  • Cliff Porter, W3IYI, copywriter with WDAD
  • Shel Davis, W3FVU
  • Bill Smith,  K6SIS
  • Paul Bair, W3YOK
  • CL Spencer, FCC Agent
  • Dick Adler, WA3KPF
  • Art Bell, W6OBB was at KSEE Radio, and a guest of the QSO Today Podcast
  • The Burt referred to in the QSO was Burt Weiner, K6OQK, was my guest in episode 164, and was also a broadcast engineer in the Los Angeles broadcast market
  • Charles Lindberg, Aviator

Excited by:  FT-8 digital mode and changes in technology

​Advice to new or returning hams:
 have fun

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Central Electronics 10-B
Hammarlund HQ-129 Receiver
Icom IC-7610 HF Transceiver
Icom IC-756Pro2 HF Transceiver

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