RF-KIT RF2K-S Amplifier – Legal Limit Solid State PA

General Features:

  • Output Power 1.8 – 30 MHz 2K+, 6m 1K+
  • Device: 2x BLF189XR
  • Auto Band Selection
  • ICOM®; YAESU® Band data Interface
  • CAT Connectivity
  • LAN Connectivity (for local or/and internet use)
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Quiet Internal PSU 110-260V AC / 3KW
  • up to 1K at 110V AC; full power at 230V AC
  • internal Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • 1x TRX IN and 4x Antenna OUT
  • Precise power meter from 100 mW through 3 KW
  • Measuring output 0dB (Predistortion)
  • 7 inch Touchscreen
  • Software Update through Internet
  • Remote Internet operation via PC; Tablet or cell phone supporting all platforms like Apple IOS, Android, Linux and Windows
  • Different user selectable display
  • H 7,5 x B 12 x D 17 inch  ( H 19cm x B 31cm x T 42cm )
  • Weight app. 33 pounds  ( 15Kg )


B26-RF 2K+ KIT 2018

Since the demand for assemblies has increased, it is unfortunate that we no longer have an option to package and send all of the individual parts. To make it easier for everyone, the B26-RF 2K+.amplifier will only be offered as a more complete kit.

What are the primary differences in the individual kit parts and assemblies that were sold previously to allow the user to build a fully functional amplifier versus the PA KIT that is now offered and sold by RF-KIT?

The  PA kit now comes fully assembled (ie all mechanical assembly is complete with drilling and thread cutting professionally implemented).
The PA kit is also already pre-wired with most of the components mounted and only minor HF cabling that is needed for completion by the user.





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