Episode 251 – Mark Ziegler – WA2ILB

Mark Ziegler’s ham radio story began as a  youngster, in the 50’s,  that moved him into a career as an electronics engineer with the famous Bell Laboratories.  Now retired, Mark enjoys operating from an RF quiet QTH in rural New Hampshire. Wind power is WA2ILB’s alternative power source of choice and is one of the subjects that we discuss in this QSO Today.

Hometown:  Milford, NJ
First License: Novice age 15, 1959,  WV2ILB
General 1960, WA2ILB
First Contact: Art Niederfringer, K1LWC
Favorite operating mode: SSB
Favorite band: 17 meter

Lester VanSyckel, K2JTU – postmaster in hometown
William “Bill” Tomson,  W2SUG
Jerry Sevick, W2FMI books

Rigs and Radios:
Stomberg Carlson all wave receiver
Johnson Viking Valiant,
Hammarlund HQ-170 Receiver

Novice Rig:  

Novice Transmitter, QST Magazine, August 1955. By Lou McCoy, W1ICP

Current Rig:  

Little Print Shop QSO Cards

Colpitts Oscillator

Hartley Oscillator

Nibbling tool

Weller Soldering Gun

OA2 Regulator tube

Intel 8080 Microprocessor

Digital Signal Processing

Intel 4004 Microprocessor

Bell Laboratory.  

Crawford Hill Moon bounce group

Analog Modem patent, Bell labs, Mark Ziegler

Sunspot cycle 19

Gonset communicator 6

2.5 KW wind turbine

Packet Radio 2 meters

Western Electric

Starband Satellite internet

Wildblue Satellite internet

SLC96 Lucen Technologies multiplexer

CQ 100 Internet Transceiver


Collinear UHF Antenna

DMR Motorola Mobile

Clarksville, NH DMR


NE DMR talkgroup


Remote Hams

Remote SDR Receivers

Greatest challenge to amateur radio: fewer communities allow amateur radio antennas

Most excited by: new innovation

Advice to new or returning hams:  Don’t feel as though the new stuff is complicated.  Take the time to learn it.

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National NC-98 GC Receiver
WA2ILB Novice Transmitter Reincarnation
Drake Line
Yaesu FDDX 5000 HF transceiver

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