Episode 253 – Glenn Johnson – W0GJ

Glenn Johnson, W0GJ, began his ham radio journey as a teenager and from his love for chasing DX, has since been to many DX entities around the world including Heard Island, an attempt last year to land on Bouvet Island, and an upcoming DXpedition later this year to Pitcairn Island.  Glenn’s interest and determination to provide these rare DX entities along with his DXpedition group, is worth the weeks at sea, sometimes in terrible conditions. Glenn was able to break from his preparations for Pitcairn to record with me this QSO Today.

Northern California DX Club Website Biography

Hometown: Marshall Town, Iowa

First License: Age 16, Novice, WN0PUJ , upgrade WA0PUJ

High School: Legrande High School

Favorite operating mode: likes them all; likes CW 28 to 30 words a minute, FT8, and 6 Meters

Advice to success on 160 meters QRP: Antennas are the secret to working the World on QRP on 160 Meters

160 meter quarter wave tower vertical antenna

Favorite contest: ARRL 160 Meter Contest
Favorite QRP rig: FlexRadio 1500

First Rig:
EF Johnson Adventurer Transmitter
RME 6900 Receiver

Current rig:
FlexRadio 6700 transceiver
FlexRadio Power Genius XL amplifier
FlexRadio Antenna Genius
FlexRadio Maestro remote

Collins Rig: 
Collins S Line
Collins 75S3C
Collins 32S3
Collins 30L1 amplifier
Collins KWM2A Transceiver
Collins Remote VFO


DXpeditions discussed:

“Rockbound” Novice transmitter

Iowa State University, BS Forestry

Penn State University

Remote Sensing

University of Iowa, Medical School

US Air Force ROTC Program

Iditarod Dog Sled Race  

Iowa SSB Net

Doctors Without Borders

Apollo 13 as a “success-failure”

Mutiny on the Bounty

Braveheart Ship

N1MM logging software

DXBase Log

WiMAX Internet connectivity

22.5 KW Solar Generation

“Off the grid”

“Driftless area, Iowa” – NE Iowa hilly area

Bee Keeper

WildFlower Honey

Northern California DX Foundation

Contest University

DX University

High School Letter in Sport Robotics

Real time scoring of ham radio contests

FT-8 Digital Mode

FT-4 experimental

Greatest challenge to amateur radio: Replacement of hams

Excited most by: Digital modes including FT-8

Advice to new or returning hams: Get active, have fun, better antenna the better, get on the air! ​

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RME 6900 Receiver
Glenn’s Flex 6700 Station
Glenn’s Collins Station
Iceberg 3 Miles from Bouvet Island
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