Episode 254 – Rich Zwirko – K1HTV

Rich Zwirko, K1HTV, was quickly bitten by the DX bug in the late fifties and has gone on to log just about every DX entity on every band. Rich made a career of radio serving as a teenage broadcast engineer in his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut, and later ended his career at the Voice of America in Washington DC.  Getting on the air is Rich’s mantra that he shares with us in this QSO Today.

Hometown: New Haven, CT

First License: Novice, June 1958, KN1HTV

Favorite operating mode:   CW operator

Excited by: Digital modes

Greatest challenge to amateur radio:  poor propagation. Trying to work people on SSB and CW.

Advice to new or returning hams: Get involved with local radio club

First rig:
Knightkit Ocean Hopper Receiver
Heathkit DX20 Transmitter
Hammarlund HQ-110 Receiver
40 meter and 15 meter dipole antenna
Current Rig:  
Elecraft K3S HF Transceiver
Icom IC-706 HF Transceiver
220 FM Radio
SDR Receiver
RSP 1 SDR Receiver
RTL Dongle
Red Pitaya test R4LAB – 8 band SDR FT8 receiver 
Elecraft PR6 Pre-amp
 element tri-band antenna
G5RV Antenna
ZS6BKW antenna
160 meter loop antenna

XYL -Phyllis
Jack Katz, K1AMO
Jim Monahan, K1BNQ, Rich first time on the air at Jim’s QTH
Barbara Lombardi, K1EIR
Elizabeth Lombardi, K1EIC  first contacts
David Chase purchased WTIC AM/FM
Charlie Finklestein, FCC Examiner, New York
Son, Andy Zwirko, K1RA
Lance Collester, W7GJ – My guest in episode 59
Joe Kasser, G3GCZ, VK5WU
Frank Donovan, W3LPL,  Multiop Contest Station – Frank was my guest in Episode 122 of the QSO Today Podcast

Boy Scout Handbook, Learn the Morse Code
3A2 Tube Regenerative Receiver
Fahnestock Clips
Radio Moscow
AC Gilbert Erector Set
Solar Cycle 19
Notre Dame High School, New Haven, CT
New Haven Register
First Class Radio Telephone
“Transmitting audio through a light beam”  Science Project
WELI Radio Station New Haven CT, 5 KW
WTIC Hartford, CT
Travelers Insurance Company History
Neumann Microphones
Ampex Reel to Reel tape recorders
Phantom fed audio
Balance audio transformer
Gold Building, Hartford, CT
Auschwitz Concentration Camp
United Technology Corporation, Hartford, CT
Voice of America, Washington DC
VOA Greenville, SC transmission site.
Hampden Amateur Radio Association “Hariscope”
Gonset Gooney Bird Box VHF 2 Meters
S100 Bus Computer
6 meter power module WCBS TV amplifier Empire State Building
Amateur Radio DX Bulletin boards
DX spotting networks
PSK Reporter
FT8 Mode
ON1KST 6 Meter Propagation Map
Goddard Radio Club
Goddard Space Flight Center
Packet Radio Bulletin Boards
NetRom Nodes
Virginia QSO Party
Manassas Hamfest
DXKeeper Log book
WSJT Development Group
FT-8 digital mode
TAPPR and Packet Radio.  
JSCALL (used to be called FT8call)
Digital Mode P25
DMR Hotspot
Echolink W4VA repeater
EME or Moon bounce
80 element VHF collinear array
JT65 for EME
R4LAB receiver software

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Hammarlund HQ-110 GC Receiver
Heathkit DX-20 Novice Transmitter
Redpitya Stemlab 4 channel SDR receiver
Elecraft K3S HF Transceiver

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