Pennsylvania Radio Amateur Dies in Tower Installation Mishap

A 62-year-old Union Dale, Pennsylvania, radio amateur — Leland L. “Lee” Parsons III, N3LPJ — was killed on June 14 during a tower installation project when a tower section he was working on collapsed off State Route 2069 in Gibson Township. Authorities said Parsons was apparently attempting to attach a guy wire to the bottom tower section when it went over. Parsons was an ARRL member and the president of the Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club.

The online Wireless Estimator called the incident “a stark reminder of the dangers present this weekend during Field Day.” The article cited a 2009 Field Day tower collapse that claimed the life of 57-year-old Larry Prelog, KE4PM — an experienced climber — while he was installing an antenna. In that incident, two legs at the base of the tower buckled.

The Wireless Estimator article also recalled the death of the Reverend Paul Bittner, W0AIH, 84, a well-known radio amateur, contester, and Field Day participant, who lost his life last October when he fell from one of the towers at his extensive antenna farm in Wisconsin.

Parsons was among the founding members of the Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club. He also belonged to the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club.





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