Episode 255 – Rod Moag – W5NDS

Rod Moag, W5NDS, interests in radio and electronics paralleled an interest in American folk and country music leading to advanced degrees in linguistics and South Asian languages.  Ham radio plays a solid role throughout this story as it weaves it way in and out of Rod’s professional career. Rod’s musical career and performances are one of the diamonds in this episode of QSO Today.

Rod Moag Sites:
Amazon Link
W5NDS Skydiving
Rod Moag, inducted Western Swing Hall of Fame,  2015

Austin Radio Station, KOOP, Thursday Country Swing and Rockabilly
First License: 1951, General Class, W2KUV

First contact: William Shaw, W2HYN on CW

School Rig:
School general coverage receiver: Hammarlund HQ120
School transmitter: surplus police Transmitter on 2 Mhz converted to 10 meters

First Rigs:
National NC-57 Receiver
Stancor 10P transmitter
Heathkit AT1 – 80, 40, 10
813 Homebrew Transmitter
Heathkit HX-10 Marauder Transmitter
Collins Receiver 75A1

Current Rig:
Icom IC-9100
Icom IC-PW1 linear amplifier
Rohn 55 tower

Favorite operating mode:  CW and SSB

First SWL contact: VE3HC (F. O. Hammond, Guelph, Canada)  CQ CQ CQ

Childhood buddy: Charles Parker, “Chuck” – W2YQZ
Anthony Pelone, W2YQW, typing teacher at the New York State School for the Blind
William “Bill”  Rudd, W2YSV
Paul Lafever, W2UMW – small farmer who lived near Rod

Country music favorites:
Bill Monroe
Hank Williams

The New York State School for the Blind

New York Radio Station WSM 650

Grand Ole Opry

Modulation transformer

Syracuse University, NY,  Radio and Television program

National Defense Fellowships

University of Wisconsin, Foreign language department

Hindi language

Fulbright Student Fellowship

University of Missouri

Linear amplifier 813 pair

Wheatstone Bridge

Talking multimeter

Talking SWR Meter – LDG TW1

Michigan Area  Repeater Council

Wind Up Victrola

Hindi language

Malayalam language

CW Bug key

Vibroplex bug keyer

University of Texas,  Austin

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: Involving young people in the hobby.

Advice to new or returning hams: Get on CW

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Natiional NC-57 GC receiver
Stancor 10P Transmitter
Heathkit AT-1 Transmitter
Icom IC-9100 HF Transceiver

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